We turn ceremonies into legendry events.

About Us

It is said that marriages are made in heaven

but we stumble upon them on earth!

Over companionable silences

when the need to make the conversation is over

Far from the din of Saturday nights

making the most of what Etta James called

A sunday kind of love.

Walking hand in hand with our ideal travel companion

catching ourelves using the old cliché “Soul Mate”

Sharing a sunrise , a breakfast an unmade bed , a record

and when in love , even the most hardened cynic

dreams of a beautiful wedding ,

A wedding replete with everything and everyone you love,

A venue that makes it magical

and all the tiniest details that makes it yours alone

It is to this legendry celeberation of love

that the first issue of timeless weddings

raises a toast.

Chandan van belongs the renowned business conglomerate in food industry.The group deals in multifold activities like food courts, fine dining restaurants, banquets, hotels , sweets, bakery products, namkeens , etc Started in 2014this beautiful property itself signifies its lavishness .It confirms to a true saying heritage is past and modern architecture is present and future.

  • At Chandan Van , we pay attention to minute details . Every event is an effort of a dedicated team which conceptualises, plans, prototypes and executes. Utmost Dedication, time and creative thought is given to aura, natural floral décor and quality food arrangements.

  • Extensive research is done for the authenticity of set designs, fabric and upholstery planning. Our techno savvy team use its insights to create your dream venue.

  • We understand clients requirements , his needs, his wishes , his desires so that we may give our 100% to turn it into reality.We try to create a fantasy on your big day of life!!!

  • Located approx 25 kms from the heart of city at Tonk Road this place is away from hustle and bustle of walled city.

  • This place is different from others of its class in India as it has a great scope of modification as per celebration. One can create a heritage palace for Royal wedding, one can make it a uber luxuries international venue like venice, New York, London, Zurich etc.

  • We call it create your own destination. We can create wonders of the world like Effil Tower, Pyramids, Taj mahal, etc, or we can create Royal palace like Louvre of paris, etc.


  • Total area

    104500 sqft
  • Area of Banquet hall 1

    25200 sqft
  • Area of Banquet hall 2

    16800 sqft
  • Area of Banquet hall 3

    8400 sqft
  • Area of big lawn (Bagh)

    82500 sqft
  • Area of small lawn (Vatika)

    15000 sqft